12. Neuropathic Pain and Spasm in My Legs: Electric Shock

My wheelchair has become an electric chair.640px-Lightning_hits_tree, http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Lightning_hits_tree.jpg
Wires crisscross my body,
charged with a low current,
slowly extend and expand,
like waves surging,
from the feet upwards
to the calves, the thighs,
and finally the buttocks.

my toes are hit
with a short, sharp electric shock.
My legs jerk violently outward,
then tap on the footplates
at regular executions.

© 2015 K-KLokePhD

Lightning Hits Tree. Photo by Johnny Autery. Image in Public Domain, 

2 thoughts on “12. Neuropathic Pain and Spasm in My Legs: Electric Shock

  1. Pains are normally experienced, and not easy to be expressed in words. However, your vivid descriptions strike my heart with such a shocking wave that I have started to understand the feelings those EOL patients at our palliative care unit must have.

    Thank you for sharing them, K.K., and I admire your courage very much.

    May you be comforted.

    • Dear Chian Li, I am pleased that my descriptions help you to understand pain and feel for those EOL patients at your palliative care unit. I hope they find comfort, relief and peace. KK

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