13. Neuropathic Pain in My Lower Body: Barbed Wires



My whole lower body is tightly wrapped
with criss-crossing barbed wires
that coil underneath buttocks,
twine around lower calves,
strangle ankles,
curl underneath heels,
tighten big toes.

Thousands of barbs pierce deep into flesh
and hypersensitive nerves,
cutting deep into fine bones.
Intermittently charged,
the barbs send fiery sparks up and down:
an electric network of sensitive nerves, pulsating.
They blaze with invisible and inaudible sparks.
A heat wave surges up and down
from toes to buttocks.

Movements of the body
drive millions of sharp nails further in.
Painkillers, magnesium or turmeric
only seems to pause the electrical charge
but just cannot switch off the burning barbed wires.

© 2015 K-KLokePhD




Barbed Wire. Photo by High Contrast. CCA 3.0 German License, via –

Bared Wires. Reste der Lagerumzäunung im KZ Buchenwald.
Photo by Mathias Bigge. CC AS-A 2.5 Generic License, via-

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