17. Spasm: Waves of Pain on Left Side of Body




Waves of severe pain surge
from foot up to shoulder
along the left edge of body.

Waves of raging pain gush
from toes up along calf,
ebbing underneath the knee.

Waves of gnawing pain crawl
from knee up along the thigh,
lodging at the buttock.

Waves of nagging pain run
from elbow up along the arm,
fading before the shoulder.

Flow and ebb. Ebb and flow.

Breathe  in  ;   breathe  out  .
Breathe    in    ;    breathe    out    .










Waves crashing at Red Sand Beach, Hana, Maui (Hawaii).
Photo by Angela Sevin from SF Bay Area, US. CC A 2.0 Generic License, via –

Surfs at Sunset. Porto_Covo. Portugak.  Photo by Alvesgaspar.
CC AS-A 4.0 International License, via –


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