16. Neuropathic Pain in my Buttocks: Sitting on a Pointed Rock




Ever since that fateful day in February 2004,
even sitting on an air-cell based cushion
is like sitting on a pointed rock
that pierces deep into the nerves
around my right sitting bone,
thinly wrapped by immobilised hip muscles.

Sometimes, it is like a sharp knife
repeatedly stabbing my right buttock;
or a pointed screw
drilling into my right sitting bone,
sending pain currents
across the buttocks,
the calves, the thighs,
and the whole legs.

Persistent piecing, stabbing, drilling,
day and night:
while sitting in wheelchair,
lying on soft latex mattress or
pressure reduction air mattress;
lying on my back and
lying on my right or left side.

Chronic neuropathic pain
Damaged nerves


© 2015 K-KLokePhD

Pointed Rock.  ‘Shard’ Cliff Face, east of Slea Head, Ireland.
Photo by Pam Brophy. CC AS-A 2.0 Generic License, via –

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