16. Neuropathic Pain in my Buttocks: Sitting on a Pointed Rock




Ever since that fateful day in February 2004,
even sitting on an air-cell based cushion
is like sitting on a pointed rock
that pierces deep into the nerves
around my right sitting bone,
thinly wrapped by immobilised hip muscles.

Sometimes, it is like a sharp knife
repeatedly stabbing my right buttock;
or a pointed screw
drilling into my right sitting bone,
sending pain currents
across the buttocks,
the calves, the thighs,
and the whole legs.

Persistent piecing, stabbing, drilling,
day and night:
while sitting in wheelchair,
lying on soft latex mattress or
pressure reduction air mattress;
lying on my back and
lying on my right or left side.

Chronic neuropathic pain
Damaged nerves


Pointed Rock.  ‘Shard’ Cliff Face, east of Slea Head, Ireland.
Photo by Pam Brophy. CC AS-A 2.0 Generic License, via –