34. Neuropathic Pain and Disability: As If Constantly

As if constantly,
my immobile lower body is internally alive with continuously bursting fire crackers;
my tightly bound, pulsating feet are resting on a footplate paved with warm gravels;
my whole legs are firmly wrapped with fabrics laced with angular beads;

As if constantly,
I sit on a chair cushion filled with pebbles;
I lean my back on a backrest studded with glass marbles;
I rest my arms on armrests made of warm pellets;
I hold my shoulders up against a heavy yoke;
I lie on a bare rope-bed full of big knots;

As if constantly, I am being
punished for a crime I have never committed;
pushed into a battle against an enemy I have never made;
forced to face a challenge I have never encountered;

So that I may rise to the challenge, Aurora_Borealis_Over_Mount_Fellows_(7957742884)
to transcend my pain,
to achieve triumph:
triumph over chronic neuropathic pain.



Aurora Borealis over Mt Fellows. By Denali National Park and Preserve. Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license. via –https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Aurora#/

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