37. Managing My Chronic Pain

Dear Followers, Supporters, Visitors, Viewers, Family, and Friends,

Thank you for your support and interest in my work and your comments.

I am back after a long break to do something else, to enrich myself, to contemplate. I now feel that to withhold beneficial knowledge and insight and to safeguard my story as ‘privacy’ is an act of selfishness; and that to share them with the aim of benefiting others is an act of altruism.

Having posted more than 35 poems describing my chronic neuropathic pain, spasm, disability, and illness, I will now be writing mainly in prose with some poems inserted and in between:

To tell my story on how in a very hot summer day in 2004, I suddenly ended up in a wheelchair with chronic neuropathic pain and an irreversible lifestyle for the rest of my life.

To describe how I manage my chronic neuropathic pain, spasm, disability, and illness and my irreversible lifestyle in the past 13 years.

To describe how I deal and cope with the difficulties and challenges I face.

To share the knowledge and strategies I have gained and developed from my experience, with the humble hope that fellow sufferers, their families and carers, health care providers, and medical professionals will find them useful and helpful.

Would love to receive your feedback, comments, suggestions.

I look forward to your continued support.

KK Loke


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Sunset over the Vercors mountains, seen from Grenoble (+ a swift passing by).
This photo was taken by Eusebius (Guillaume Piolle). © Guillaume Piolle / CC BY 3.0.   https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Rayon_de_soleil_et_hirondelle_2.jpg

30. An Old Baby in Sling & Wheelchair

30.1  In a Tight Sling1024px-Stork_with_new-born_child

I am an infant
being carried by a stork
in a tight sling
dangling in mid air
legs like willow branches

(First published in Eucalypt, An Australian Tanka Journal, No. 12, May, 2012)

30.2   Old Baby in a Wheelchair

Like an infant in a pram
with its mommy or nanny,
I am an old baby in a wheelchair
with a young caregiver:Mobile Hoist with Sling
depending on her
to hoist me in a sling
between wheelchair
and bed or shower commode;
depending on her
to put me to bed
to sleep in my comfortable position;
depending on her
for personal grooming, companionship,
cooking, grocery shopping, house keeping.

I am an old baby in a wheelchair,
donning a long adult bib during meal times,
to prevent soups, sauces, curries
from tainting my garments;
to keep morsels of foods
off my garments and seat cushion—
no litter on my bed or the floor
after transfer.

I am an old baby in a wheelchair—
a skinny body
riddled with chronic pain;
a compromised immune system
subject to bacteria and virus attacks;
limited mobility,
vulnerable to falls,
subject to abuse and social isolation.

I am a senior lady in wheelchairsenior-woman-sitting-wheelchair-using-laptop-midsection-hospital-36579735
having no access to many places
but unlimited access on the internet
to keep my mind active.
Still a useful citizen,
capable of contributing to the community,
through sharing my experiences with others
in creative writing.

Une étoile est née. ‘A star is born’. By Claude Covo-Farchi from Paris, France. This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license. via-

A caregiver hoisting a wheelchair patient.  Picture taken from ‘Divided leg patient lift sling with headrest’ at

A Senior Woman in Wheelchair with a Laptop. Photo by Tyler Olson. Royalty free Stock photo, at


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